The foundation of Kutucular Aluminum is based on 1988, which adopts consumer happiness as a principle in furniture production, chooses furniture production in modern style as a branch and takes new steps every day in this field.
Starting from 2009, production started under the name Mobila brand with a professional staff. In addition to our original designs, custom productions are made in the direction of consumer demands. We are providing service to you with a total of 15.000m2 area with new facilities that we opened to service in 2015 and we are committed that our investments will continue in the following period. Our goal is to offer more habitable areas with a large number of models and color options, to color and simplify your life with a quality furniture motto.
We offer quality and reliability which is indispensable for consumer happiness at economic prices and give our products a 2 year TSE guarantee with a sense of necessity, not quality. With high standard production capacity, we offer our products to our customers by reaching many regions in Turkey and abroad. As it is today, our most important commitment is to keep service and quality standards at the highest level